Anytron digital color label printer Any-002 is an optimum technology solution for small batch printing. Equipped with a 600*1200dpi high resolution color laser engine, it supports high precision printing using toner. It can print on continues media only. In addition, it gives benefits of efficiency and cost-saving by printing a variety of color labels in an easy and fast way.

GHS durability comparison among barcode, inkjet, LED printer

The digital color label printer any-002 which passed the BS5609 test is optimized for GHS label.
Already a significant number of domestic chemical companies are printing GHS labels via any-002. With the BS5609 certified printing engine, you can print labels with excellent water resistance, sunlight resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

any-CUT I

Anytron laser die-cut, any-cut is post-processing equipment for roll-to-roll type of small batch label printing. You can cut labels using a laser by controlling via desktop PC. In addition, it has functions of laminating, coating, and scrap paper removal which greatly improves productivity. any-cut is much faster than knife cutting thanks to the laser. It does not have an limitation on the location of the label, minimizing the loss of media and is cost-free for tooling, saving operating cost. any-cut works best with any-001 providing a more efficient and easy label printing system.


anytron laser die-cut, Any-CUT III is a perfect die-cutting system, in a compact size which enables unwinding, laminating, laser cutting, scrap paper removal, slitting and dual rewinding all at once. Cutting can be performed at once with no involvement of workers even if various jobs are printed in one roll since the laser value, cutting line and quantity are stored inside the barcode.


The high speed label sltting and rewinding machine, any-Slitter, is produced to slit mainly narrow range printed materials. It contains matrix removal and up to 7 slitting knives.


any-BLADE is a roll-to-roll flatbed knife die-cutting system, support ONE-STOP SOLUTION of laminating, die-cutting, removing waste, and slitting customized labels in one production.With MULTI GANTRY speeds up for higher time and cost efficiency.

The three advantages of any-BLADE knife die-cutter

It has THREE featured advantages. First, Auto job changer The sensor detects each barcode which includes the cutting data so that automatically enables the next job to be cut. Second, Various cutting functions(split cut, full&half cut, creasing) It can cut long image by split cut function and half &full and creasing cut simultaneously. Third, Superior accuracy Accurate cutting is possible using flat-bed type engine and sensing black marks.

On-demand label factory any-JET!

Time & cost effective for in-line printing and cutting system
- It gives you one-stop solution of printing, laminating and scrap paper removal, so you just need to enjoy your time till your labels done. Also, it can save label media because you don’t need install a roll twice time for cutting.

The anytron in-line label system ‘any-JET’ makes creating personalized and custom labels in today’s continuously changing and fast-paced production environment quick and easy. This complete in-line printing platform allows users of all skill levels to create high-quality product labels without the complexities of operating a traditional label press.