Digital Label Printing

The principle of operation of the Digital Label Printer

The existing analog label printer can print only the same image and a separate process is required for printing variable data, but our digital label printer can print variable data at one time (text, image, QR-Code, bar-code) together with the printing image. anytron Label Printer, being a desktop product, is a printer which can be used even in a small office where there is very limited space. Anyone can use this product easily because it is small and very easy to operate.

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<Figure 1> anytron Label Printer

The anytron Printer is an LED Color Printer operated by electro-photographic Technology.
Ordinary electro-photographic Technology is similar to Xerography Technology.

<Figure 2> Summary diagram about anytron Label Printer operation

The anytron Printer is a printer which prints electrostatically.
In other words, it is a printer with electrostatic characteristics that use substances of differing electric polarities that stick each other and substances of like electric polarities that repel each other.
Paper is printed while it goes between the OPC drum and the transfer belt.
Electric polarity applied to the OPC drum and transfer belt is shown reversely. Negative-electric charge flows on the surface of drum and plus electric charges flow on the surface of the transfer roller.
Toner sticks to the surface of the drum which has no electric charge value and thus the toner again sticks to the paper. Because the toner at that time is not fixed completely on the paper, an additional process is needed that puts it through the fuser unit which makes the toner attach to the paper firmly after the toner particles are melted at high temperature.
The LED Print Head is used as a device that allows the value of the electric charge to the OPC Drum, and the LED Head to be the same length as the total printing. Printing error is significantly reduced because each LED element possesses an electrified drum surface that maintains a perfect 1:1 ratio with the other.

<Figure 3> LED Print Head

The quality of printing can be raised by the strength of light generated from the LED. This technology provides an abundant color palette and accurate because the LED Head mounted in the printer adjusts the strength of light automatically. Because there is a component inside the fuser unit which fixes the toner, the correct temperature is controlled according to each paper.

<Figure 4> Explanation of fuser operation

anytron Label Printer has a gap sensor and a mark sensor. Using these two sensors, pre-cut media (using a gap sensor) and pre-printed media (using a mark sensor) can be printed.
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