Basically, NFC is a technology, enables to exchange data between terminals within close range (about 10cm) non-contact using 13.56Mhz frequency band in a large category of RFID. NFC is highly secure with bi-directional communication.

Features & Benefits

NFC-only printer BT-003 supports multi-protocol such as ISO1443 Type A, ISO15693, Mifare Classic and NTAG, so you can input information to most tags distributed at domestic and abroad, can print barcode, as well.
It’s also possible to write NFC tags wrapped in a roll at very high speed. In addition, metal tags can work with individual writing functions.
BT-003, an NFC-only printer developed by Bitech Technology, provides the best NFC solution. Provides native applications that can issue NFC tags, and automatically detects and verifies error tags. It provides various types of NDEF Message Writing functions.
We already use BT-003, an NFC-only printer in many fields. National university’s attendance management, company sales person management, NFC service support of book company, price tag and inventory management of apparel company, city, county, old library book management, tag publishing service provider, activation, exhibition guide label, material management, and subway warehouse management.
If you need an NFC printer, please find the Black-Fish BT-003, which has already been proven its quality in many markets.


Printing method

  • Thermal transfer printing / Thermal printing


  • 300dpi

RFID Frequency

  • HF bandwidth/ 13.56MHz

RFID Protocol

  • ISO/IEC 14443/A, ISO/IEC 15693

RFID functions

  • NDEF Message Writing
  • Metal tag data Writing
  • Making variable data by Excel

Maximum printing area

  • 104mm (4.094 inch)

Label media

  • Max. Roll diameter: 125mm, Thickness : 0.06mm ~ 0.3mm
  • Label width : 25mm ~ 118mm

Label sensor

  • See-through sensor / Reflective sensor

Media type

  • GAP, Black-mark, Punched hole, Plain-paper


  • Type : WAX, WAX-Resin, Resin
  • Max. length : 450m
  • Width : 30mm (1.18") ~ 110mm(4.33")
  • Roll diameter : 76.2mm (3")
  • Core diameter : 25.4mm(1")


  • USB, RS-232C


  • 285mm(L) x 172mm(H) x 226mm(W) / 2.72Kg