any-BLADE knife die-cutter

any-BLADE knife die-cutter

This is a revolution of blade die cutter, a multi-gantry die cutter!
It gives us higher productivity, allows us faster delivery.


any-BLADE, Digital blade label finisher, made by anytron are the best solution for whom needs their own labels customized, small amount, immediately.

any-BLADE is a roll-to-roll flatbed knife die-cutting system, support one-stop solution of laminating, die-cutting, removing waste, and slitting customized labels in one production.

With multi gantry speeds up for higher time and cost efficiency. It automatically scans multiple registration marks to adjust the cut file for result accuracy, it is easy to set up and operate. It cuts various shapes at once, which leads cost saving and customer satisfaction.


Easy operation
No need for a professional engineer
Laminating, die-cutting, removing waste, slitting, 2nd rewinder
Short set-up time
Short-lead time and set-up time
Upper quality
High customer’s satisfaction
Affordable price
Competitive price than others with better machine specification
Office usable size
It can be installed in an office.



Cutting engine

  • Type : Flatbed XY knife cutter
  • Cutting area : 550 mm x 350 mm

Machining accuracy

  • Below ± 0.2 mm

Max roll size

  • Max. Roll width : 350 mm / Max. Roll diameter : 350 mm
  • Max. Laminating roll width : 350 mm / Max. Laminating roll diameter : 250 mm


  • Max. 7knives
  • Min. slitting width : 37 mm

Max. Rewinder diameter

  • Max. rewinder diameter : 350 mm

Cutting type

  • Stop-and-go


  • anytron EasyCut


  • 2000mm(W) x 910 mm(D) x 1170 mm(H)


  • 100 ~ 240 VAC
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