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GHS Label

All chemical labels need to fulfill new global harmonized system (GHS) regulations for chemical labeling until just before the deadline in 2015. anytron’s single pass LED engine is independently tested and certified to pass parts 1, 2 and 3 of BS5609. With using any-002, labels can be personalized with logos or other branding. There’s no need for these companies to make a major investment in a large thermal transfer device that can only print labels of a certain size and nothing else. We suggest a flexible and far more affordable alternative – the any-002, which is fully-compliant with all GHS demands by minimizing the budget in migration from mono color thermal label printers.

Best GHS Label Printer - any-002

Electric goods / Home appliance

Currently there are a problem with a lot of media loss at analog printing and additional barcode label for production date with serial number in local language.anytron label printer to print out barcode, local language and variable data

Pre-cut / Double-sided printing

Product label

Cosmetic labels with variable data (barcodes & serial numbers)

Different records for each label can be printed in a single production batch (barcodes, QR codes, texts, images, serial numbers, etc.)

Food labels in small volume

Color can be managed easily by RIP software for repeated jobs in small volume without any waste by trials. Full-bleed printing can be done with precise registration on precut labels.

Pharmaceutical labels

Pharmacy drug labels need to be durable and resistant against color fading and discoloration due to UV light, water, hand sanitizers, alcohol, sweat and lotions. Any-002 provides highly readable and durable full-color labels with personalization information like barcodes and serial numbers.